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Tuesday, 24th October, 2017

Ten Truths About Your Twenties

Your twenties are one of the most important years of your young life. No longer are you chained to the routine of high school and the rules of your parents. You’re free to choose your…
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My Favourite Lifestyle Instagram Photos So Far | @imlexijackson

I used to be in love Instagram in the way only a millennial could love an app – I was on it constantly, posting photos and checking out the photos of others. In my last…
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10 Hairstyles To Try In 2016 | Medium To Long Hair

Those of us who have decided to grow our hair out have many advantages and opportunities in the hairstyle game. We have the option to try practically any style we want to and the hair length…
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40 Cooking Hacks To Make Cooking Meals Insanely Easier

Cooking hacks can help improve your cooking experience tremendously instilling confidence and skill in their user. Not only do cooking hacks and tricks make our lives that little bit easier they also are always just a…
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My New Years Resolutions

Although I don’t want Seilt to become too much about me, it seemed timely to put out a new years resolutions post about my goals for 2016. Here are my 2016 New Year Resolutions  1.…
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Quotes For Summer

Follow me on snapchat: imlexijackson and Instagram for pretty pictures. I decided a little summer inspo (since its winter over here – I’m counting down!) has been needed so I’ve found 10 quotes for summer…
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Autumn Outfits: Outfit Ideas For Autumn

Follow me on snapchat: imlexijackson and Instagram for pretty pictures. Welcome to my post on outfit ideas for Autumn. So while many of you are based in America where it is coming into spring and…
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Welcome to Seilt | A Beauty, Style and Lifestyle Blog

Seilt is a new beauty, style and lifestyle blog designed to teach young women how to feel better about themselves via a mix of internal and external methods. Through 2016 Seilt will bring readers a range of…
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