40 Cooking Hacks To Make Cooking Meals Insanely Easier

February 2, 2016
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Cooking hacks can help improve your cooking experience tremendously instilling confidence and skill in their user. Not only do cooking hacks and tricks make our lives that little bit easier they also are always just a little nifty.

"cooking tips to make baking easier"

Source: Alex Gott-Cumbers, text added by us

Here are 40 Cooking hacks that I hope will make cooking insanely easier for you


1. To peel a boiled egg faster crack the shell on the bench top and then roll the egg applying moderate pressure. The casing of the egg should come off easily after this instead of in little pieces.

2. Additionally add a bit of vinegar to your pan while boiling your hard boiled eggs, this will help the shell break off more easily.

3. Organize your pantry so that its easy to find certain items that are needed for particular meals. For instance keep all your cake baking items together in one corner and your meat seasonings in the other. This way each time you go to cook most ingredients will be easy to reach as they’re in the same place.

4. Rest a wooden spoon over a boiling pot or pan to prevent the water from spilling over.

5.  If you wish to make a cookie or cake bowl flip your cupcakes pan upside down and place the mixtures over the bottom of your cake tin which will a cup shape. You can also do the same with practically any mixture or meat that will fold around the bottom of the cake tin.

6. Place an apple in your potato bag to stop them from growing buds so soon.

7.  To reheat foods while preserving their moistness, add a cup of water with them when you heat them up in the microwave. This will stop them from coming out too dry.

8. If you’ve cut open an avocado but wont eat one of the halves straight away put a slice of lemon over the top and it will stay green for longer.

9. Keep tomatoes in your fridge with the top stem area face down, this will keep your tomatoes fresh for longer; as will leaving them in the cupboard rather than the fridge.

10. When reheating pasta fashion it into a donut shape with a hole in the middle – this will ensure even the middle gets cooked.

11.  Did you husband accidentally buy soft wraps instead of the hard taco shells you asked for? Stick those bad boys into the oven and turn them into hard shells buy hanging them over the rack with the sides hanging down.

12. Can’t afford an icecream machine? Chop up, mash and freeze some bananas to use as a healthy but creamy tasting icecream. You can even mix it with other fruits or flavours to try something different.

13. Cut soft foods such as brie cheese with floss instead of a knife to keep its shape.

14. To open a jar easily (because ‘you don’t need no man’) hit the lid against your counter top prior to attempting to unscrew it. It should unscrew rather easily after this.

15. To cut multiple cherry tomatoes in one go place them on a plate and place a second plate on top of them. Put some pressure on the top plate with your hand to hold them into place and use your knife to cut through all the tomatoes.

"40 cooking hacks to make cooking meals easier", "cooking tips"

Source: Cooper Wong

16. If you’re a vegan avocado makes a delicious substitute for normal icing. You’ll have to mix it with agave syrup, cocoa powder and perhaps some powdered sugar. This can also be a great substitute for normal eaters on a diet as its healthier than normal icing.

17. To remove the smell of garlic or onion from your fingers rub your hands on either your stainless steel sink for 20-30 seconds or in lemon juice.

18. Use a used teabag to absorb odors in your fridge or rubbish bin.

19. If you need to grate a soft cheese pop it into the freezer for half an hour before hand. This will make the cheese firmer while you’re grating it.

20. Get your avocados to ripen more quickly by sticking them in a paper bag with a banana.

21. Dropping your cake or brownie tin slightly (say 1-2cm above the counter surface) onto the kitchen counter prior to putting it in the oven will help eliminate air bubbles in your cooking.

22. Unclutter your kitchen bench before you start cooking, this will give you more room which is essential especially in smaller kitchens or for meals with lots of ingredients.

23. If you like to bulk buy bananas but don’t get to eat them in time before they over-ripen, next time wrap the stem of the bananas in plastic wrap and they will last a couple of days longer.

24. Alternatively to ripen an unripe banana quicker, place it inside a paper bag.

25. If you by your meats in bulk always separate them into the nightly (or twice nightly) portions prior to putting them in your freezer – trust me its just not fun to have to eat fish five nights in a row because it was all frozen together.

26. Find out if an egg is still good to eat by putting it in a glass of water – if its a bad egg it will float, if its still edible it will sink.

27. If you are like me and take a little while to use all of your shallots, stick them in the fresh veggies section of your fridge without the bag and they’ll stay fresher for longer. Many people do this already but let this be the push you need if you are a cook who likes to keep your shallots in the pantry.

28. Hate cooking with chicken because you don’t like cutting up raw chicken? Either stick the whole breasts in the oven and cut them up once their done. You can do the same with the frying pan but you will have to cut the breasts in half at some point to make sure the middle is cooked.

29. To stop salads becoming soggy in the fridge use a paper towel to soak up the excess moisture – just place a square of paper towel on top.

30. An old wives trick, put a few grains of rice into your salt shaker to stop the salt from sticking together to form clumps.

"40 cooking hacks to make cooking meals easier"

Source: Jim Brickett

31. Heat up oysters in the microwave for 10 or so seconds to make opening them easier.

32. Hull a strawberry with a straw, this works best for softer strawberries.

33. If you’ve over melted your butter, put it back into a glass or plastic bowl and place the bowl into a bigger bowl of ice water.

34. If you know you have a large, time consuming meal coming up for a big event such as Christmas or Thanks giving, try prepping certain ingredients in the days prior to the event. Cutting and marinating the meat, slicing the veggies, possibly cooking certain items etc. Seal these in an air tight container in the fridge or freezer and voila – you have less work to do on the big day.

35. Keep cake slices fresh by putting a slice of bread one the already cut sides, this will keep the cake feeling moist and tasting fresh.

36. Has you boiled water got specks floating around in it? Leave the water for a few minutes and the specks will settle to the bottom, allowing you to easily avoid drinking them.

37. If you’ve dropped an eggshell into your mixing bowl instead of using your fingers, use one of your egg shell halves to scoop it up. The egg shell easily cuts through the gooey egg whites while your fingers don’t work as well.

38. Cook in bulk – making a weeks worth of meals on the weekend will save you from using your limited time during the work week. Stick your meals in the freezer to keep them fresh and microwave them on a need to eat basis.

39. If your drinks are lukewarm but you want an ice cold drink ASAP stick some wet paper towels around them to speed up the cooling process.

40. If you’re watching your weight or simply your cholesterol switch butter for apple sauce in your baking.

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"cooking tips to make baking easier"

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