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March 3, 2016
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I used to be in love Instagram in the way only a millennial could love an app – I was on it constantly, posting photos and checking out the photos of others. In my last semester of university however I dropped off the grid and have been haphazardly posting ever since. It was a combination of Facebook taking over, lack of time to take photographs and general lack of motivation.

Recently however I’ve decided to hop back on the horse so to speak so I thought I’d celebrate by looking back over some of my favourite pictures. If you like the lifestyle Instagram photos on my account don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @ImLexiJackson 


 1. Milly & Steve

Happiness is a moment ??? @stevie__j__

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This photo is a happy kind of sad. Its one of the last photos we have of Milly that I took one morning back in Brisbane. Not to sound crazy but I never knew I could love a cat this much.


 2. Summer in Brisbane

Happy #australiaday – Missing the sunshine back in Aus like crazy. #theresnoplacelikehome

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I really like this photo as it feels a bit more fitting for a lifestyle blogging to be posting. Now that the temperatures are finally increasing I’m looking forward to trying out some more lifestyle type shots like this.


 3. Dreaming of Paradise

As the tempuratures fell below zero here in Yangzhou I caught myself dreaming of the paradise that was Isla Mujeres. To this day Mexico is probably my ultimate holiday destination and I can’t wait to go back there soon.


4. The Waves

I love the ocean in a weird way. Most of the time I don’t really want to be in it, especially if there are waves – I don’t like the feeling of getting tossed around. However there is nothing I love more than lounging beside with my headphones in. On our last trip to the Gold Coast we got to do just that, emerging from the beach like two walking lobsters. I get really torn with this habbit – sunbathing, I need to start being more liberal with the sunscreen.


5. The Eats

Hell yes #Wagaya

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I fell in love with this restaurant when we moved back to Brisbane, we had so many “celebration” dinners here at Wagaya in Fortitude Valley. Any excuse would do and despite our stylish the restaurant looked we only ever paid more than $40 in total.


7. The Graduation

Guess who's graduating ???

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I don’t like the picture so much but this image marked the day I found out I was graduating. I honestly thought I had failed – I was overloading my normal course load to try and finish early and all the subjects were the hardest of my degree. Additionally all of my exams were scheduled over an 8 day period and I for some reason agreed to take on a busy event photography job during the period. I was certain I flunked two of the tests – in one I needed only 20% to pass and I had been so stressed while taking it that I was certain I hadn’t even managed that. When I heard that I had graduated, and not with an entirely shitty GPA I could have cried – I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy.


8. Peruvian Memories

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of myself ever. #tbt to Peru.

A photo posted by Alexandrea (@imlexijackson) on

This is one of my favourite pictures of myself from Peru as I was entering the ruins.


9. The Photo of Birthday’s Past

#tbt That time we went to Costa Rica for my Birthday ?⛵️

A photo posted by Alexandrea (@imlexijackson) on

A couple of years ago while backpacking Central America we spent my birthday in this tiny little beach town in Costa Rica called Playa Hermosa. It was so beautiful – another place to add to my “must go back to” list.


10. And of course, a New Years selfie

I am partial to a selfie or two! This one was for my (late) new years resolutions post.


If you liked seeing my favourite Instagram photos follow my lifestyle blogger Instagram account.


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