My New Years Resolutions

January 18, 2016
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Although I don’t want Seilt to become too much about me, it seemed timely to put out a new years resolutions post about my goals for 2016.

Here are my 2016 New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions of a lifestyle blogger

 1. Find a better way to distance myself from negative people. I’m one of those people who really gets dragged down by negative energy, as corny as it sounds. I’ve cut most of the negative people out of my life – traveling a lot helps with that, as does being an introvert.

Unfortunately I’m not so good at distancing myself as while I’m direct, I’m too polite – this will go on for a couple of weeks, and then when they don’t get the hint, I get a little mean as at that point they’ve annoyed me so much that I rather just get it over and done with.

2. Lose Weight. I put on so much weight from our year back in Australia and I haven’t really put much effort into losing it since.

Luckily it seems impossible to gain weight in China, despite eating copious amounts of snacks and pizza I’ve lost two kilos in the past month. I feel like if I change to a healthier diet I’ll be able to get back into my pre Australia shape in no time – so I’m going to do just that.

3. Stick with this blog and reach 10,000 visitors a month by the end of the year. I really struggle to keep up with this blog, especially with the travel photography blog monopolizing my time. If you’ve visited before you’d probably notice that I would try to start it, and then not post for a while. On January 1st this year I decided to give it one last shot and re launch the blog, if I can’t handle the extra work – I won’t be attempting it again.

However I really would love to have a blog that is just mine and to see if I can replicate even a small amount of the success I’ve had with They Get Around – to see if it was just a fluke or not. At first I wanted this blog to be about beauty but this time around I want to go beyond that and include topics about self esteem and other internal ways to feel better about yourself.


4. Travel once a month in China. The language barrier combined with temperatures colder than I have become accustomed to over the years have meant that we haven’t put any effort into travelling. In 2016 I want to travel somewhere once a month so that means we’ll be planning a lot of weekend trips.

5. Learn to speak Chinese. I would love 2016 to be the year I learned a third language, it would also help me get around better while we’re living here.

6. I’d love to build our travel blog to 100,000 visitors a month. This one is crazy but not entirely unachievable, I’d really love to leave China for our 2017 travels with a bigger number behind us to be more competitive. Being more competitive would mean that we are able to earn more income to support our travels and be able to land larger sponsorships and campaigns to reduce our expenses.

new years resolutions lexi jackson seilt

7. Keep in touch with friends and family more often. I’m absolutely shocking with this, I get so busy and don’t make enough time for the people that matter. I want to make more of an effort in 2016 to keep in touch with friends back home and others I’ve met while traveling or on study abroad.

8. Make some wedding plans. We’ve been engaged for about a year and a half now but keep putting off the planning as we’d rather spend that money on travel. I’d love to have something small here in China and then something with friends and family back home – whenever it is that we return.

Personally I don’t care too much about the wedding – give me a pretty dress and a pretty garden somewhere and I’ll be happy. The honeymoon on the other hand I can’t stop thinking about as I’m dying to stay in an over water bungalow somewhere – that would be my dream.

9. Stress less and make extra time for myself. I spend my time working and blogging – I don’t really have any me time which I need to make some time for. I want to have one of my days off to spend lounging around the house or doing a date day with Steven where I don’t have to talk to anyone else or look at my computer.

10. Learn videography. With Steven taking his photography up a notch it looks like I’ll be the official videographer of this two-some. I’ve always wanted to learn more about filming and this will be the year to do it.


Those are my resolutions, don’t hesitate to tell me about some of yours below in the comments section 🙂

If you’re not interested in personal posts, don’t worry as I will only be posting them every now and then. Next week I’ll be back to normal with some lifestyle content.

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